My work is inspired by natural and organic forms to create simple structures from precious metals.

My designs are carefully and thoughtfully articulated to form pieces of jewellery that sit and move fluidly with the wearer, from modest pendants to statement necklaces. 

My pieces have a natural and simplistic beauty which is accentuated by the textured patterns etched into the metal. Tiny additions of gold are then added, such as a granulated button or a gold earring wire to enhance the distinction between silver and gold. Some pieces are oxidised to create further colour contrast.

Since Ancient times, gold has been revered for its beauty and was considered to be symbolic of eternal life because of its incorruptibility. It is this attraction to gold and my interest in Ancient goldsmithing techniques that inspire me to make contemporary jewellery designs imbued with symbolic meaning.

I am a graduate from Truro College with a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing & Jewellery working full time as a designer/maker from my studio workshop in Cornwall. All of my jewellery is made by hand.

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